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The United States concerned about China's mining asteroid plan

The United States concerned about China's mining asteroid plan
Issue Time:2017-07-11

The United States concerned about China's mining asteroid plan

  US Fox News reported on the 10th, for the exploitation of the value of trillions of dollars of rare metals, while facilitating interstellar navigation, China announced the plan to build a small planetary base, and said in the near future will be implemented. The report quoted the space vehicle as a whole, information processing expert Ye Peijian, said the Chinese people will soon study the method, the robot or astronauts to the appropriate asteroid engaged in mining work, and the mineral back to Earth.

  Reported that he revealed the plan, the aircraft can be sent to an asteroid, mining palladium, platinum and other smart phones and cars for rare metals. Earlier this year, Ye Peijian said that China may carry out a similar exploration mission between 2020 and 2025.

  Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported that the mainland on the asteroid resource development platform, the recent program is designed to: capture an asteroid, will be controlled in the reachable range, and then carry out the robot or manned resource mining, access to asteroid Rare resources return to Earth.

  Or the direct use of asteroid mineral resources, to carry out on-track construction work. The long-term vision of the program is to use asteroid as a space transit station to provide space for human space and interplanetary transfer system to provide the basis for material, to carry out more far-reaching exploration task. 

  Development and utilization of asteroid plan is not only China in the advance, the United States and other aerospace power has long been eyeing the huge opportunities which contained. Fox said the asteroid can not only serve as a base for the interplanetary mission, but also the economic value of mining on asteroids could be as high as trillions of dollars. 

  CNBC said the Goldman Sachs Group in April this year, released a report that the space economy has long-term and lasting opportunities for the next 20 years, the scale of its industry will grow to trillions of dollars.

  Asteroid mining, for example, although many people believe that asteroid mining obstacles, but in fact, financial and technical barriers have been very low. According to the California Institute of Technology's proposal, the cost of future exploration detectors may be only tens of millions of dollars.