Dezhou Chaishang Shangmao Co.,Ltd

Our factory was established in 1998, to meet different markets demands, we can provide OEM & ODM services. In addition, welcome to share our own brand. At present our products have maturely used in the Metso, Schenck, Sandvik and practical other Famous mining equipment. Winning customers trusts and long-term cooperation, by means of its good quality and competitive price

Service to the well-known equipment cases.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

305 * 610mm and other models of polyurethane sieve plate used in the Metso vibration screen machine.

Chengde City , China

Provide tensioned screens for a mine enterprise , which is used in Sandvik equipment .

Anhui Province , China

Provide the wear-resistant sieve and accessories for Schenck equipment.

In 2016 ,one of my Pakistan customers use the sand washing machine, because of the high impact of the ore sand and corrosive reagent ,easily make the steel punch plate corrosion and broken . It makes him annoyed for a long time. Our company engineers decisively put forward a unique design that doesnot affect the current screening efficiency and can extend its service life - Flexible sieves.

Our cyclone effectively solve the problems of Korean customers, our engineering department in accordance with the requirements of customers, designed a unique program for him, brown alumina material of the cone, different sizes, customers according to their own needs to debug, Coupled with the lining of the polyurethane, greatly increased its service life.

Polyurethane Lining Pipe has excellent wear resistance, acid, alkali, anti-scaling, radiation resistance, hydrolysis resistance aging, high elasticity, anti-mechanical impact and other comprehensive performance. Suitable for coarse particles, high pressure, high-speed medium transport, in industrial and mining conditions, the superior performance of polyurethane will play to the extreme,More and more steel pipes are replaced by polyurethane lining pipes.