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Polyurethane screen features

Polyurethane screen features
Update Time:2017-08-25

Polyurethane screen features

A polyurethane mesh abrasion resistance and long service life, which is 3 to 5 times the wear resistance of steel sieve, for more than five times the normal rubber sieve - polyurethane cushion.

Second, the structure of the polyurethane screen forms, easy to replace, low maintenance, can greatly reduce the amount of maintenance and loss caused shutdowns.

Third, the low cost of polyurethane mesh, due to long life, easy to replace, and can be partially replaced, thereby reducing the replacement rate and the amount of maintenance, thereby reducing costs.

Fourth, polyurethane mesh sieve ore heavy medium better, since polyurethane sieve non-magnetic, and oil in heavy medium screening sculping without plugging holes, the effect is better than stainless steel sieve.

Fifth, corrosion-resistant polyurethane screen, non-flammable, non-toxic, odorless and good resistance to low temperature performance (when not brittle at -40 ℃, no significant physical changes).

Six, good damping properties of polyurethane mesh, strong muffler capacity, reduce noise, and allows the screen material during vibration of easily broken.

Seven, due to the characteristics of polyurethane mesh secondary vibration, polyurethane mesh sieve  function has a critical material is not clogged sieve, sieve energy saving polyurethane, polyurethane proportion of small, much lighter weight than the same size steel sieve, thereby reducing a screening machine load, saving power consumption and improve the vibration condition, and extend the life of the screening machine.