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The function of polyurethane

The function of polyurethane
Update Time:2017-08-04
The function of polyurethane

Polyurethane can be used in plastics, rubber, fiber, hard and soft foam plastics, adhesives and coatings, which can be used in various fields of people's life.

1. Polyurethane foam material

It is divided into rigid polyurethane foam, semi-rigid polyurethane foam and soft polyurethane foam. Rigid polyurethane foam is mainly used for building insulation materials, insulation materials, heat preservation and heat insulation pipe facilities, etc), articles for daily use (the cushion material such as a bed, sofa, refrigerator, air conditioner and so on the core material of insulation layer and surf board), as well as the means of transport (automotive, aircraft, railway vehicle cushion, ceiling and other materials).

2. Polyurethane elastomer

Polyurethane elastomers have good tensile strength, tensile strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance, hydrolysis and oil resistance. Mainly used for coating (such as hose, gasket, wheel, roller, gear, pipe, etc.), insulator, sole and solid tire.

3. Polyurethane waterproof material

The use of polyurethane waterproof material is quite convenient. After mixing and coating, it can be solidified with normal temperature and moisture. It can obtain waterproof layer with no seams, rubber elasticity and good performance. Damaged and easy to repair. Generally used as paving materials, track and field track materials, racecourse, park ground materials, insulation window frames, etc.

4. Polyurethane coating

Polyurethane coating has strong adhesion, coating has excellent wear resistance, water resistance and drug resistance. Mainly used in furniture coatings, building materials coatings and industrial printing ink.

5. Polyurethane adhesive

Can by adjusting the ratio of isocyanate and polyol to implement on the properties of cured adjust, make it up to the height of the base material bonding resistance, excellent water resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance. Polyurethane adhesive is mainly used in packaging, construction, wood, automobile, shoemaking and other industries.

6. Biomedical materials

Polyurethane has excellent biocompatibility and is widely used as a biomedical material. It can be used in artificial pacemaker, artificial blood vessel, artificial bone, artificial esophagus, artificial kidney, artificial dialysis membrane and so on.