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Performance characteristics of polyurethane board

Performance characteristics of polyurethane board
Update Time:2017-08-03
Performance characteristics of polyurethane board

1.The hardness range is wide and the elongation and resilience of rubber are still in high hardness.

2. High strength, they have high tensile strength, tear strength and carrying capacity. The impact strength and bending strength are also very high.

3, wear-resisting, its wear-resisting property is very outstanding.

4. Oil resistance, polyurethane plate is a kind of strong polarizable polymer, and the affinity of non-polar mineral oil is small, it is barely eroded in fuel oil and mechanical oil.

5. Good resistance to oxygen and ozone.

6. Excellent vibration absorber, which can be used to reduce vibration and cushion.

7. Good low temperature performance.

8. Resistance to radiation, the properties of polyurethane high energy rays are very good, and still have satisfactory performance in the 10-10 g radiation dose.

9. Good mechanical processing performance.