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The application of the fifth largest plastic polyurethane in industry

The application of the fifth largest plastic polyurethane in industry
Update Time:2017-07-07

The application of the fifth largest plastic polyurethane in industry 

1.PU soft foam

  Mats, such as seats, sofas, mattresses, etc. Polyurethane soft foam is a very good mat material, mat material is the largest application of soft foam;

  Sound-absorbing material - open polyurethane foam has a good sound absorption function, can be used as indoor sound insulation materials;

  Fabric composite material - shoulder pads, bra sponge, cotton pad; toys. 

2.PU Rigid PU 

  Refrigeration equipment - such as refrigerators, freezers, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, etc., polyurethane foam is the best refrigeration equipment, cold insulation;

  Industrial equipment insulation - such as storage tanks, pipelines, etc .;

  Building materials - in developed countries in Europe and the United States, building polyurethane foam accounted for about 70% of the total consumption of rigid foam, refrigerators, freezers and other hard foam more than doubled; in China, rigid foam in the construction industry is not Like the Western developed countries as common, so the development potential is very large;

  Transportation - such as car roof, interior parts (steering wheel, instrument panel);

  (Density 300 ~ 700kg / m3) Polyurethane rigid foam or glass fiber reinforced rigid foam is the structure of foam, also known as imitation wood, with high strength, good toughness, crust dense and tough, simple molding process, production High efficiency, the strength can be higher than the natural wood, the density can be lower than the natural wood, wood can be used as a variety of high-end products.

  Potting materials - such as waterproof grouting materials, plugging materials, roof waterproofing materials

  Flower industry - Pu pots, flower arrangement and so on

3.Polyurethane fiber

  Spandex excellent performance: outstanding high resilience, spandex high resilience is currently all elastic fibers are unmatched, and its elongation at break greater than 400%, up to 800%, even in the 300% stretch deformation , Rebound recovery rate is still more than 95%; excellent tensile strength, tear strength; weathering, resistance to ultraviolet radiation; resistance to chemicals, washing; and dye affinity.

  Spandex has been widely used in textiles, is a high value-added new textile materials, the use of four main forms: bare silk, core yarn, covered yarn, twisted. Such as stockings, swimsuit, dance clothes, Lycra (cotton coated spandex), clothing, etc., in the traditional textiles, just add less than 10% of the amount of spandex, you can make the traditional fabric grade greatly improved, Soft, comfortable, beautiful, elegant style. 

4.Polyurethane Coatings

  Polyurethane coating applications are: aircraft, ships, vehicle coating; wood, plastic, rubber, leather surface coating; building coating; anti-corrosion coating, and so on.

  Waterborne polyurethane coating - water as the main medium, with low VOC content, low or no environmental pollution, construction and other characteristics, is the solvent-based paint one of the main alternatives. Has been widely used in many areas, such as: (1) wood and wood flooring paint; (2) paper coating; (3) architectural coatings; (4) leather coating; (5) fabric coating.