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How does polyurethane make our life more comfort?

How does polyurethane make our life more comfort?
Update Time:2017-05-23
Polyurethanes are materials that make our lives more comfortable. They can take many forms, as outlined below:


Polyurethane foam is widely used in mattresses for both comfort and support. It is long-lasting and easy to work with, making it popular with designers and manufacturers. Foam for furniture and bedding has an open cellular structure, allowing good ventilation and heat transfer. These are all characteristics that contribute to the overall comfort of a polyurethane mattress.

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Most soft furnishings found in people’s homes contain polyurethanes. The sense of comfort and relaxation felt when sinking into a sofa at the end of a long day is all thanks to polyurethane foams. Because of their resilience, durability, strength and comfort, polyurethane foams are also found in most office furniture, as well as theatre and auditorium seating.

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Because they are lightweight and resilient, polyurethanes are found in a variety of clothing. Whether in footwear, where they are used to make water-resistant soles or lightweight uppers, or jackets, where they provide optimal protection from the elements, polyurethanes add to our general sense of comfort in the clothes we wear.

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Carpet underlay

Polyurethane carpet underlay adds to the comfort of carpets. Not only does it serve to reduce noise levels and heat loss by cushioning noise and acting as a heat insulator, it also makes the carpet feel softer and decreases wear and tear by absorbing friction, which would otherwise cause the carpet to deteriorate.


Most cars and lorries have polyurethanes in their seat cushions and interiors, which reduce vibrations and make travelling a much more comfortable experience for the driver and passengers. The bodies of cars often contain polyurethanes to insulate them from the noise and heat of the engine and traffic, while polyurethanes in bumpers help to absorb the impact of accidents. The lightweight nature of polyurethane foam leads to overall weight reduction and associated greater fuel efficiency.