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Polyurethane Screening Efficiency The Maximum Mix

Polyurethane Screening Efficiency The Maximum Mix
Update Time:2017-05-06
polyurethane panels
Screening efficiency is measured by the percentage of material that passes through the screen deck when compared to the total amount of the same-size material in the product stream. While some operations settle for moderate efficiency, others are constantly fine-tuning their screening circuits to achieve optimum productivity and profitability. Although there are many factors that affect screening efficiency, one of the key initiatives is finding the “maximum mix” of screen media for each processing phase. When implemented, the maximum mix of strategically-blended modular panels delivers a host of benefits, while lowering operating costs per ton.

“I see the use of Metaldex panels as a problem solver that you can apply where and when you need them, using them side-by-side with polyurethane panels,said jack,the Dezhou Chaishang Shangmao Co.,Ltd.sales manager,He explained that the 1- x 2-ft. panels feature welded wire sections encased within polyurethane borders. “They are much easier to handle than bulky 4- x 8-ft. wire cloth sections, so you can simply plug them into any problem area