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The versatility of Polyurethanes

The versatility of Polyurethanes
Update Time:2017-03-16

There are few products that can compete with polyurethanes in terms of versatility and popularity. From insulation to surf boards, from car airbags to window sealants, polyurethanes are everywhere in our daily lives.

Their growing success and increased use is further boosted by the fact that they are affordable, safe and recyclable, and these qualities make them the product of choice for manufacturers and retailers all over the world. Polyurethanes can meet the highest of consumer expectations, hence their mounting popularity. Unlike some other materials that might perform similar functions, they are not in short supply and can be manufactured according to exact specifications. For example:

Manufacturers of mattresses may demand a firmer consistency to the foams they use and polyurethane manufacturers could work with mattress designers to meet these specific requirements.

Car manufacturers may be obliged by law to ensure that noise levels inside cars fall below a certain level, and could then work with polyurethane producers to meet required targets. Entire door panels could be made of polyurethanes because of the different forms they can take